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Our Story

Naturally Innovative

At Lazycat, we are committed to providing mattresses manufactured with the latest technology. We have crafted and designed each bed to be environmentally friendly with your well-being in mind. We make sure that each layer is free from formaldehyde and other nasty and toxic chemicals and that the materials meet OEKO-TEX’s human-ecological requirements of the STANDARD 100. In addition, our mattresses are rigorously tested for harmful substances to safeguard your health. We thoughtfully create mattresses that stand the test of time, maintaining their prime shape, breathability, and quality over the years.

Sustainable and Skin-friendly

We are advocating using renewable, recycled, and natural materials to create a sustainable mattress. Our raw materials, such as latex, provide durability, resilience, and excellent support while giving beds hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistance, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties. We make sure that our mattresses are safe to use for babies, those who are prone to allergies and those who have sensitive skin.

Sleep Like A Cat

Cats are the undisputed champion of slumber. That’s why we designed and layered each mattress so you can sleep like a cat. We aim to provide comfort like no other in any position you sleep in. So whether you curl like a cat, sleep on your stomach, or stay on your back, we ensure that you get the right mattress for you.

Smooth Buying Experience

We make ordering, payment options, and delivery easy to transact and flexible. In addition, a 100-night trial comes with every mattress so that you can be assured and content with your purchase.